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  1. Danae

    I just received my zeolite order and I am excited to begin using the product. I was wondering how many mg of zeolite are in one level teaspoon? There was no product information on the package or on your website. I am trying to figure out the proper dosage I should take every day for an acute condition. Thank you.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hello, and thank you for your purchase. The information is on the back of the package. 1 tea spoon is equivalent to about 3.5-4.0 grams or 3500-4000 mg. Some people take one tea spoon per day with 12oz of water;
      other people take that same dosage 3 times per day. We hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.
      many blessings

      1. Carmen

        It’s a natural detox mnairel that will get contamination out of your body, from contaminated water, radiation and heavy metals. We really need to have this on hand with all the natural disasters, floods, hurricanes and nuclear plants leaking!

    2. Jacob (Post author)

      There are processed (man-made) zeolites however you will be paying $ hundreds/lb for that.

      There are lots and lots of marketing noise of my zeolite product is better than your product. When you analyze products; sometimes what you will find is that both products are mined from the same source…!

      The criteria for picking a good natural zeolite is quite simple:

      1. High volume to Weight Ratio
      2. Purity
      3. Sterilization
      3. Bio-Contamination (mold, yeast..etc)
      4. Particle Size
      5. Price

      Everything else is just marketing noise. Zeocare is micronized, sterilized, very low particle size (.5-10 microns), close to 92-93% in purity, reasonably priced, and shipping is always free.

  2. Robin Sommer

    Thank you Rosana. My order came right on time. I grew up in San Carlos Rosana. Went to San Carlos High School high on a hill overlooking San Carlos, and the entire bay area. -Robin Sommer

    1. admin (Post author)

      Greetings Mrs Sommer. Thank you for your Business.

      We strive to exceed our customers expectations.

      It is nice to hear that you grew in San Carlos, it’s a beautiful area !!


    2. Awie

      Hi Peter: Yes, ours is the exact same.Second, your statements are not extacly true. Zeolites are usually actually made up of what would otherwise be some very toxic metals. However, they are bound in crystal form, as a part of the crystal matrix that makes zeolite zeolite; acid digestion testing has shown that these elements are not bio available, and as such, have no associated toxicity.

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    1. Sam

      “After the first day I took zeolite I was araledy feeling better” I have noticed a drastic modify in my heartburn. After the first day I took zeolite I was araledy feeling better. Right then and there I was won over. Before, I would get acid reflux and pain from many foods, not just the foods that I’m not purported to eat.

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